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Macaron Dreams

From: Home School Mom
To: Mom-Preneur!
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A Mom With A Dream

Hi! I am Luisa aka Lulu, founder of Macaron Dreams Catering. My passion for baking started in 2009 and led me to start my Macaron journey in 2014.


As a stay-at-home and homeschool mom of 4 children, I learned to be resourceful.  

Everyday life moments became fun learning experiences. My baking adventure began in my home kitchen with my children. My friends and family became my designated taste testers!  Over time I experimented and mastered fondant cakes, cupcakes, decorated cookies, breads, and french macarons.

After a few years of baking for friends and family I shared my baked goods with the community as a cottage baker.  I was well received, but the demand was high and not sustainable. I made the decision to focus on raising my family and put baking on a shelf.


Fast forward to 2023, my “Macaron Dreams” are a reality! With the support of my husband, children, and immediate family I formalized the business and launched it!  

Connecting with experienced mentors was paramount to my success! They guided me and provided "access to learning" opportunities to organize the business.   


Thank you for visiting my page.  I encourage you to never, ever give up on your dreams! Take a leap of faith and make your dreams a reality!


In 2014, my family and I endured a traumatic medical experience with our then 1 year old son. For a lack of better words, it was a "cancer scare".  


Our local children's hospital, Nicklaus Children's Hospital, and their entire clinical and non-clinical team sustained us through the storm. We learned to navigate through the trials and unknowns of our situation.  Our son came home with us and we remained as a family of six. 


With a deep sense of gratitude we decided to support NCH in any capacity available. We learned about the Family Advisory Council and were invited to attend a meeting. We found a space where we could advocate for families in our community while fully supporting the hospital with their initiatives.  We volunteered as a family and continue to this day.


Currently I am on my 3rd term as Chair of the FAC. I have the honor of leading an amazing group of parents who share the commitment of advocating for children, educating parents, and elevating the overall experience in the hospital. 

The gratitude that I have towards NCH is as deep as a mother's heart for her children. It is a link that is cemented every time I hear my children laugh!


Click Here to donate directly to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation.

The Core Of A Macaron

Egg whites, sugar, and almond flour!


I never imagined how these ingredients would change my life!


Macarons are delicious, decadent, luxurious, temperamental cookies....and I wouldn't have it any other way!


I take pride in being an expert macaron baker. I have baked thousands of shells and learned from maca-wrongs (failed bakes). I have celebrated conquering new techniques and developed new flavors. 


celebrate each opportunity I get to bake for you. Every bake is special and memorable. I love the creative process and enjoy bringing  your dream flavor and design to life. 


The choice that I made 15 years ago to bake with my children has now brought me to bake for you.


Thank you for empowering me to pursue my dream and passion! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

"Crafting Dreams, One Macaron at at Time" is not a mere tagline, it is my way of life.

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