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Frequently Asked Questions

Often times people want to know details about macarons varying from ingredients to storage and allergens to shipping! Below we will answer some of the most common questions.

If your question is not answered below please contact us!

Allergens & Handling Instructions

What Allergens do macarons contain?

Tree Nut (Almond), Egg, & Dairy

Must macarons stay refrigerated?

It is recommended to keep your macarons refrigerated. When you are ready to eat and serve, thaw them at room temperature for 30-60 minutes. 

Are macarons Gluten Free?

The macaron cookie (shell) itself is gluten free, but the filling may not be. If you need a gluten free filling please mention this during your consultation.

Can I display the macarons on a table?

Your macarons can remain at room temperature for 6 hours. Anything not consumed after 6 hours must be thrown away.

Will macarons melt in the hot and humid Florida weather?

YES! The filling will melt and saturate the cookie shell.  This will turn your macarons into mush. 

Can I store my macarons to eat later?

Your macarons can remain refrigerated or frozen in an air tight container for a maximum of 7 days. If not consumed by day 7 they must be thrown away. 

Orders, Shipping, & Delivery

Is there a minimum quantity for custom orders? 

Yes, custom orders have a minimum order quantity of 3 dozens. The macarons will be made to fit your aesthetic and flavor profile. Pricing will vary.

Can I order 1 dozen macarons?

We sell macarons by the dozen during seasonal and holiday pre-sales. We may sell smaller packages at special events, fairs, or markets. Flavors will vary as per the season.

Where do I pick up?

Pick location, time and dates will vary per month and season. We will have a north and a south pick up spot. 

How many flavors can I choose in my custom order?

Our standard 3 dozen custom order comes with your choice of 2 flavors. This can be refined during your consultation.

Can I order for same day pick-up?

Our macarons are made to order and not kept in stock. Currently we have pre-order sales with specific pick up dates. If available, you may order and pick up on that scheduled date.

Do you do Pop-Ups or Markets?

Currently we are not doing pop-ups or markets. We are working on the logistics to ensure food safety and quality. Macarons are delicate and perishable desserts. They must be handled with care.

Can I cancel my order after payment?

All sales are final. There are no refunds. In good faith, accommodations may be considered under extreme circumstances on a case by case basis and it will be at our discretion.  

Do you deliver?

We will deliver to our catered events. All other sales are pick-up only.  Date, time, and location will be specific. We consider this a saving to you. Miami traffic is very congested.

Do you ship nation wide?

At this time we are not shipping nation wide. National shipping and local deliveries will roll out at the same time. Stay tuned!

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